WOD: Jackie
1000 m row
50 thrusters (45)
30 pull ups
**subbed a 1.8 mile bike on the assault, 2-20 pound dumbbells for the thrusters

Odd: 3 weighted pull ups
Even: 3 back squat
**5-10 lbs for the pull ups and 95 lbs for the back squat

Around the world crunches (100 total)

11 minutes of HIIT: 15 seconds on, 45 second rest on the assault bike

– – – – – –

Today felt ok. I’ve been using that youtube video of the back stretching exercises which is definitely helping. I woke up today weight just a wee bit of pain.

Had to modify for Jackie because I knew if I went Rx I would be in some discomfort. I felt good and took it nice and slow on the thrusters to ensure good form. Same with the back squats, which ended up being more of a pause squat than anything.

I have been huuuungry since having my refeed day on Tuesday. I actually hear my stomach growling, which is unusual for me.  Usually I’m never hungry until right before my fast.

Time to take a nap before the night shift this evening. Last shift before leaving for vacation tomorrow with my family. Thank goodness! I told my family that the forecast for next week looks pretty good…

oc weather


Rest Day

– – – – –

Today is my unofficial-official rest day. I’ve worked out 4 days in a row and my back definitely needed a break, but I still love blogging…so here I am.

A few things…

This video.

For anyone with back pain…I HIGHLY recommend that video. The workout/stretches are simple, but my back and hamstrings were fried after doing that one! But surprisingly, I woke up with very little back pain when last night I had a TON. I’m a believer and am starting to do the 11 minute routine every.single.day.

– – – – –

When you let your sister do your nails in a “beach” theme…

So there’s that…

– – – – –

When you wake up feeling extra lean after your first refeed day in months…


Up two pounds but liking what’s happening here.

– – – – –

Back to work today for me. Thank goodness I slept normally last night and got a good 8 hours solid.

I’ve been including meditation in my daily routine and did some last night before bed to get my mind in the right place and forget about everything that needed to be done today. True to form, meditation works and I fell asleep within minutes.

Have a great day guys!



High hang power snatch
Hang power snatch
Hang squat snatch
**Worked up to 85 lbs

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5
**Worked up to 85 lbs

9 burpees
9 box jump
**Not sure how many rounds, just kept moving

– – – – –

Today felt just meh. I am still recovering from night shift and slept pretty bad last night. I couldn’t fall asleep until at least 1 am. Shift work really messes with you!

I woke up today and am still holding strong at 144.4. I switched up my macros a bit this week as an experiment and really want to see what happens. I’ve also included a refeed day, which I haven’t had in several months. I took full advantage of that by going to me and my husband’s favorite diner and got an egg white omelet and a giant pancake. It was beyond delicious.

Two more shifts in the ER and I’m off on vacation for a week and I can’t wait! Another week at the beach with my parents to relax and enjoy Dumser’s ice cream!

Have a great day guys!