Swim WOD
AMRAP 20 minutes:
10 push ups
50 meter swim
20 lunges
50 meter swim

I completed 6 rounds but in 22:50

Followed by:
30 seconds horizontal flutter kick
30 seconds vertical flutter kick
30 seconds alternate leg lifts
30 second scaled hollow hold

– – – – –

I’m finally feeling back to normal a bit from operation de-fluff from vacation. I woke up feeling leaner and back to my normal self:


I worked night shift last night and woke up this morning and headed to the pool for my workout. This was a nice and easy active recovery workout just to get the body moving.

I made a realization over the past two days that has made sticking to my macros easy peasy: eat only when you’re truly hungry. I know that may sound stupid to some and seem like common sense, but honestly with all the information out there, I think some of us get wrapped up in how much we should be eating at what intervals and what not.

I know for myself I was obsessed with eating every three hours. I had to get those meals in and I had to make sure they were at normal intervals so that I wouldn’t be starving. But after being with #teamwag for 10+ months, I’ve realized that it’s easier for me to just eat only when I’m hungry.

This means that when I get a craving to eat a food, I literally ask myself, is this true hunger or is this me being bored, stressed, or PMSing? Half the time I’m learning I’m not really hungry, I’m just looking for something to do. I wait until I feel hungry and usually my stomach growling gives it away.

I’ve done away with the interval eating and am going only by how much body feels. I’ve found that I can eat bigger meals less frequently and still feel full for longer. That way I can still save some of my carbs and fats for treats at night.

So when following your macros and a temptation comes along to go over and just eat everything in sight, stop and ask yourself if you’re really hungry. Most of the time you’ll realize that it’s just your mind playing tricks on you!